About FSAE

Formula SAE Japan (FSAEJ) is an opportunity for students to develop skills for object creation "MONO-ZUKURI", which in turn contributes to the expansion of the Japanese automotive industry. This competition was started in 2003 as a public activity for self-motivated students to cultivate various skills involved with object creation, and as training for those who will one day play critical roles in the future of the automotive industry.

Objectives & Background

The serious state of affairs where, in addition to the reduction in the number of students due to the falling birthrate, young people are shying away from scientific fields, might lead to the Japanese automobile industry losing its international technological competitive power in the future, reduce the competitive edge of industry in general, and result in a shortage of talented engineers. Moreover, the curricula of engineering universities is currently lacking in practical, design/drawing elements etc., thereby resulting in a shortage of opportunities for object creation.

On the other hand, "Formula SAE®" is held in the USa in order to provide opportunities for students to give full play to their ability and knowledge through actually creating objects. as a result, a base for nurturing human resources has been established under the cooperation of industry, academia, and governmental offices. although there are solar car conventions and robot contests as nationwide contests for object creation in Japan, there has been no design contest for giving full play to the special technologies obtained by students aiming at being active in automotive technology fields.

Under these circumstances, JSAE decided to hold the "Student Formula SAE Competition of Japan". Students can actually create an object by themselves, which enables them to deepen their understanding of technology, cultivate their practical abilities and strive enthusiastically to achieve higher levels of accomplishment. The competition intends to aim at nurturing engineers who are rich in originality through an environment of object creation, in which they can learn the essence of object creation and the processes this entails, as well as experiencing team activities, and the difficulty, interest and enjoyment of object creation. The All-Japan Student Formula Tournament is a student-based design and manufacturing competition where teams of students, organized at the university level, need to create a compact formula car in accordance to a published rulebook. The competition judges not only vehicle performance, but the design, manufacturing, production costs and timetable, etc., as well. It is a complete, holistic competitition meant to train students in all aspects of the engineering process in a practical, rather than academic, manner.

Philosophy of the Competition

・The competition will contribute to revitalize engineering education at universities and national colleges of technology by providing opportunities for object creation.

・Students themselves will organize a team to develop and produce a small racing car in the formula style, so that they can learn the essence of object creation and its relevant processes, and feel for themselves the difficulty, interest and enjoyment of object creation.

・The competition will focus on the overall activities surrounding object creation, in other words not only the running performance, but also the marketing, the planning, the design, the production and the cost aspects of a vehicle.
・The competition is an opportunity for students to improve their own abilities and to provide an opportunity for them to present their skills as valuable resources to companies.

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