FHT Philosophy


Our philosophy is formed from the union of two core tenets: to enjoy our time together, and to grow and learn together.

We work towards the first goal by creating an atmosphere of open communication between members, improving the working environment, and creating a space a person wants to return to. We strive to be an activity that all team members can enjoy, and look forward to. We also additionally aim to make the acquaintance of sponsors, those people who cooperate with us, so that we may learn and benefit from them.

Our second goal is put ino practice by our work towards creating activities that can teach new skills or methods, and in general promote a deeper depth of manufacturing and car knowledge, a more thorough understanding of the design and production process, and the specifics, utility, and value of data collection and data processing, and how to relate this information back to the design and manufacturing sides. In the pursuit of these goals and by so fulfilling them, we simultaenously achieve a deeper sense of teamwork and camraderie, advancing a humanistic goal as well.