Aerodynamics Team

The Aerodynamic team is probably the most noticeable on the car.
While the aerodynamics package is in no way essential to making the car drive, a well-developed package can lead to significant improvement in the car’s performance.

What We Do

We design four main components: cowl, Rear Wing, Front Wing, and the Undertray.
When we design these components, we use CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics) software. The main goal of the aerodynamics team is to generate downforce in order to increase maximum cornering acceleration. A force that pushes “down” on the car increases vertical force on the tires, enhances tire grip and allows for faster speed. Downforce is generated through three main devices: the rear wing, the front wing, and the undertray/side wings. Aero’s task is to develop, analyze, and test these devices to optimize car performance.

Future Goals and Projects

Future goals to improve the aerodynamic package include: DRS (Drag Reduction System), optimizing current components, furthering manufacturing techniques to improve leading edges, developing a new undertray design, and improving stiffness and stability of all components.