Management team

Management team manages all non-engineering aspects of the team. This includes order schedules, team budgets, sponsor acquisition, and social media and public relations management. The business team also organizes travel itineraries, document submission for competition, and the design competition/team uniforms.

What We Do

The role of Management team is to make sure that FHT and its engineers can continue to develop the competitive and well designed vehicles.

Management team must obtain reliable sources revenue so the team can make its necessary purchases. One of the most important roles of Management teamis to manage the team’s budget. At the beginning of each year a budget is developed to create a breakdown of the year's expenses based on the designs that are created for the vehicle. From these numbers, team budgets are derived and team leads are responsible for using those monies appropriately. Generally Management team helps these leads throughout the year to ensure monies are used appropriately for the leads' desired design goals.

In addition to creating these budgets, Management team must also monitor the team's current balances and make decisions about when purchasing should be made. This is a result of the manner in which the team gets money. Sponsors do not donate money at the same time. Different companies will make their donations throughout the course of the year, which results in a team balance that can fluctuates throughout the year. Therefore it is vital to maintain proper relations with sponsors and continually seek out prospective sponsors. and coordinate marketing tactics to best promote the team across social media and the school.

Future Goals and Projects

Management teams is the same has they have always been: ensure the financial stability of the team and make our sponsors happy. With more members now joining Management team, it is possible to begin and maintain more projects such as quarterly newsletters, improvements to the teams office, promotional videos, re-painting the teams trailer, etc.