Powertrain Team

Powertrain team’s job is to develop a package that best provides controllable power.
The limits of the system are the inlet of the intake and the outlet of the exhaust.
In FSAE, in order to limit the power capability from the engine, a single circular restrictor must be placed in the intake system and all engine airflow must pass through the restrictor(diameters: 20.0 mm).So we design various powertrain parts to improve our engine performance.
We currently use a Honda CBR600RR motorcycle engine.

What We Do

Parts for the car that we have developed in the past include:
  • Intake Manifolds: These deliver air through a throttle body, into a plenum (think “air reservoir”), through runners, and eventually to the engine.
  • Fuel Tank and Supporting Delivery: Fuel is delivered from a custom fuel tank through a pump, filter, regulator, and injectors.
  • Exhaust Manifold and Muffler: These parts move used air (emissions) through runners and expel that air via the muffler.
  • Radiator/Cooling System: Custom sourced radiator, fan, and coolant lines route water to cool our engine.

  • Other responsibilities of Powertrain:

  • ECU/Calibration: Fuel delivery, among other things, in most engines today is controlled by a computer. This computer must be told how much fuel to deliver and when. Ignition timing, throttle, traction control and anything else you could hook up to the engine through this computer can also be controlled.We use motec M84.
  • Modeling and analysis: CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), and 1-D engine modeling are the biggest tools used, to different extents.